Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My boss

I've mentioned him before on my blog. So, one of the client's with the bedbug infestation............she is someone who is traditionally very difficult for me to work with because in her eyes, I am the one who should be able to fix all of her problems----problems she's had since, well, birth. Problems that NO one, even GOD if you feel one exists, can cure. So you better believe that the fact that she may now have bed bugs is somehow MY fault. She is ready to rip me a new one when I go visit her tommorrow about this issue. A strategy that tends to work with her though, is for a supervisor to go meet with her and remind her that I am only there to coordinate her services, and not fix her life. So I invited him to join me tommorrow.

He called me while I was driving home tonight and said that he was probably not going to come, because his wife would kill him if he brought bed bugs home to their apartment. I told him my husband would probably kill me too (or at least forbid me to return!) if I told him about even half of the things I have to deal with at work. I really don't think the bed bugs are THAT contagious, as long as we don't just chill out on her couch or anything. I also know for a fact that he's said the same thing to at least two of my co-workers who have problematic cases, as well as a bed-bug issue going on (it really is such a tremendous problem in this area of the country).

He told me he'd call her on the phone and talk to her if I wanted.............how do you even respond to that? Imagine if I said I wasn't going to go to her home?! He's not a social worker though, so I guess that is his free pass............once again a social worker will be the one to assist with this mess. All the while being blamed for it, and getting little to no support from a supervisor.

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