Monday, August 30, 2010

It's only Monday

but I'm exhausted!

I think it's because I barely had any sleep this weekend. It's always hard on my son when he's not able to sleep in his own bed.

He woke up around 2AM on Sunday morning and spent close to 3 hours crying (well screaming!) on and off. I then had to drive over three hours home later that night after we left my parent's house.

I really wanted to go to my fave Monday night yoga class, but I think tonight I will need to pass for my bed instead. I think I am even going to have to miss the reunion special for RHWNJ (not like it won't be repeated every day coming up anyway).

My husband and son are both already sleeping and it's barely 7PM.

Hope everyone had a good Monday back to work :). And that you also were able to catch up on some rest and relaxation (not like me LOL).

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