Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's hump day!

Oh the benefits of having a long weekend.

And what a great weekend it was.....I went to yoga again on Monday.

Took a break for no good reason yesterday and plan on going back today and tomorrow and then my challenge will start.....

I also decided to put my gym membership on hold since I never go and that's $20 a month being pissed away. It's not a lot but it adds up and is coffee money LOL.

It's slow but I AM noticing a change in my body again just from the hot yoga. My arms especially are thinner and more defined.  

I have some stressful client things coming up at work in June so it's so nice to know I have this practice to continue to go to outside of work, whose benefits come back to me in all aspects of my life.

How has your week been going? Was work crazy yesterday after the long weekend?

Any plans you are looking forward to in June?

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