Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Made a year!

Yesterday I celebrated my 1st anniversary at my job.  I was so excited and my co-workers, clients and even some of the aides who take my clients to the program made me feel extra special and appreciated.

While there are stressful moments on occasion, overall my role does not ever truly feel like "work". As sappy as it sounds, I don't ever remember a day when I actually didn't look forward to going into my agency (well, okay, maybe during our many snowstorms earlier this year LOL). Sometimes I think that maybe I'm just in a very unique place, but I always feel emotionally healthy and my clients have even become like a second family. There is also rarely if ever any co-worker bullshit and the stuff when it surfaces is like a blip on my radar. 

I know this is very, very rare in our field, and I feel grateful and blessed to have found and been offered such a wonderful opportunity.

I also am sure that it even appears like I'm bragging sometimes when I talk about work, but I do share because I feel that especially in our field, it's so important to contribute so much of ourselves to a place that is healthy, where you enjoy what you do and overall, know you are truly appreciated.

It may take awhile to get there, but there are employers like this.

Having been on the opposite end of the spectrum makes me see this even more, and I have become all that much more appreciative.

It also has made me realize that I've stayed in bad situations for far too long thinking this was the norm in social work.

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