Friday, May 23, 2014

All you need to do is breathe. Nothing else.

As constantly stated by my yoga instructors.....such an easy thing to do, yet so hard.

I've been missing a lot of yoga time this month, for no good reason.

I went back to my mat last night and let these words sink in.

Why is just focusing on breath such a challenge? I tend to let the 123456789 things I am doing take over my thoughts, and most regularly my opportunities to attend class more often.

I am hoping to change that this summer.

I want to make the committment to complete a yoga challenge.

They are having a 40 class challenge starting in June, and if you complete that many sessions in June and July, August will be free. Plus, the teacher will reduce the unlimited monthly cost in June & July by a few bucks....

All I have to do really is just make it to the studio and breathe. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why is this so hard to do though?

Everytime I go to the studio I never ever regret it.

I even ate cheese before class last night and survived. :)

I know 40 classes is not easy to do, especially with everything else going on in the summer, but I'm thinking really hard that I should be able to do at least the 20 in either June or July. I still have a few more days to decide if I'm going to sign up.  

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