Thursday, December 15, 2011

Road trippin'

Source: via Mollie on Pinterest

Renting a car this morning (to avoid putting more miles on mine!) and headed Upstate to meet with 2 potential new clients.

I am not really in the mood to drive today. (Although I rarely am when it comes to this aspect of my job).

Wish I could fast forward and it would be tonight.

I am sure once I get some coffee in me and on the road, I will be okay though.

I always am.

What are things you have to do for your job every so often that you're not crazy about?

Do you like traveling for work? Do you even have to?

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  1. Driving is definately the most hated part of my job! I rarely have to go far, but I drive around town pretty much all day every day. We get compensated for our "mileage" but it really doesn't cover the full expense of maintaining a vehicle for work. Ugh.