Sunday, December 18, 2011

Help wanted & a question

I know the economy is tough out there right now, so I am always trying to help a fellow social worker out. If you or someone you know is looking, my agency is interviewing right now to replace one of our case managers who has been offered a great opportunity elsewhere in Social Work Land.

Clients on this particular caseload are located in both Brooklyn and Staten Island. Requirements are preferably a MSW (or similar professional degree) and 2 years of case management experience with the disabled, or a BA in a human services related field and at least 2 years of case management experience with people with disabilities.

Obviously, things like time management, multi-tasking, working with challenging clients (or more often than not, their challenging family members)as well as ability to write sometimes long-winded reports are also requirements of the job if you follow my blog :)

Do you know of any good employment opportunities in your area that you would be willing to share? (Anonymously or not).

Feel free to post on here and I will re-tweet periodically, or maybe even start some kind of new employment section on my blog if there's enough interest.

Have a great evening everyone. I can't believe it's almost #socialworkMonday ;).

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