Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random: Working from home 3/4 time or full-time

Any other social workers do this?

How do you stay focused?

Are you able to get a lot of work done or do you function better in a more traditional, office environment?

Any tips you can share?


  1. I can office from home due to my agency's space issues. And I too struggle to stay focus. I find myself being able to work from home somedays very well and somedays I have to drive to the agency to find a place to work so I can focus. It really depends on the day, task, etc. One thing I love about working from home is the flexibilty because I don't have to work strictly between 9-5. I am productive when working from home because I can decide when to work. So if a work itch happens at 8pm, I can work then when that energy pops up. Are you able to work whenever? Do you have other distractions like spouse or children around? I do and it took me a long time to get them to understand that when I'm in my office, I'm NOT here!

  2. Thanks for responding. The biggest part of my job is writing extensive treatment plans for clients, so I can do that from anywhere at anytime.

    If I work from home, usually DS/DH may be around. If I decide to do this more, I will probably have to work after DS/DH go to bed.

    I also personally enjoy being in the office sometimes for the social interaction piece.

    Plus, I would stay off the internet then LOL.

  3. Depends on your home set-up, if you are able to set aside a space for SW stuff. I find that's the only way I can work from home. Also, what are their expectations with this arrangement? I like coming in to break my day, but I also detest being in one place for long periods of time LOL. Can you work from a tropical island with expenses taken care of? :P

  4. I only occasionally work from home, but wish I could more! Maybe if I did I'd have some tips for you :)