Saturday, December 10, 2011

Office Christmas Party

I went out last night with our entire office.

I definitely see people in a different light when they are out of the work environment.

Dare I say I may even feel a little better about them?

Anyways, I am so glad it is Saturday and the weekend. Coffee and time to relax. What are your plans for any down time over the next couple of days, my friends?


  1. Some times the burdon of work makes you tired upto neck,At such moment a little outing wil get you better for you further work.Last week I also felling very tired then Veronica Hearst a nice social worker and cool personality adviced me to take a small rest out of daily works..which was the best Idea to recharge me again to work.

  2. I read his comment as "Some times the bourbon of work..."

    I think it could only help, really.