Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inappropriateness du jour

What are some things people you come across at work are currently doing that totally drive you completely batty because they are so inappropriate?

Can be either at your place of business or someone you need to deal with who also works in your field (there's no discrimination when it comes to wrongful behaviors on behalf of the one with power).

Of course I'll start with my gripe du jour......there's this "nurse" who makes me nutty every now and again. She doesn't work for my agency (thank goodness), however, is supposed to have a standing appointment every week with our mutual client for the same day and time.

At least once a month, SHE will arrive way early for their meeting, get pissy-issy that the client is not there (because obviously, SHE is ready to go home and the client should be there waiting for her with bells on) so Ms. Professional starts calling everyone and their brother (even agencies who no longer work with this man--hell, I no longer work directly with this man) claiming he's not being seen and is non-compliant with treatment.

Not wanting to necessarily get her fired, but to be a good advocate for the client, I have attempted to file complaints contacting her management about miscommunications with time when I was the actual social worker on the case, but didn't even receive any kind of acknowledgement from her agency that my messages were received.

Maybe they were, and are being dealt with internally, but I guess I will never know.

Anyways, this is just something that annoys me about working in our field that I needed to gripe about today.

It also provides a lot of food for thought about how already vulnerable people who depend on our system are being portrayed by the ones in authority.

I remember when I was a lot younger and just starting out in the field, I held a few case management positions where basically I just had to show up and hope the client was there. Many times, they were not, since of course, they were not expecting me. And back then, before I had the experience, education and training, I have now, I sorta perceived the whole "non-compliance thing" going on too.

There is definitely a difference though between a client not following treatment recommendations and us as helping providers just wanting to go home early ;).

I hope you all get to leave work early today, or at least relish the fact that we almost made it through another hump day.

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  1. Ugh! I feel ya. I work with some SUPER inappropriate people. I could probably write a book on some of the ridiculousness I've seen, especially working with the criminal justice system! I hope things get better with this individual you're dealing with!