Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I do to feel happy + content

To appreciate the little things in life.........

*Create daily rituals. For me, I bring my son up into my bed for about an hour every night when I am officially "done" with my day (even if he's fallen asleep for a few hours already) to snuggle and play.

*Drink green tea.

*Burn a nice smelling candle. (I have a lemon cream one going right now).

*Grow flowers. And plants and spices. Walk around outside and water them each day.

*Eat dinner (or breakfast or lunch) outside.

*Take a shower (or bath) with yummy smelling bath products.

*Munch on fresh fruits like cherries.

*Take a walk around the block. Take time to notice little things like trees and plants. Say hi to everyone you pass. (You'd be surprised how many New Yorkers don't do this!).

*Start your day in a coffee shop place and take time to just read the newspaper from cover to cover.

*Wear a bright, fun head-band.


*Sit on the beach or by another body of water.

*Drink one cocktail (for me these days anything beyond that tends to give me a headache or knock me out the next day!).

*Make the bed.

*Make the bed with fun, colorful or mis-matched sheets and blankets.

*Write on bright colored stationary or in a cute notebook at work.

*Keep a bottle of cold water on your desk and drink from it throughout the day.

*Chat with your co-workers as you get up to fill your water bottle from the cooler.

*Change into comfy clothes as soon as you get home from work and all times when you aren't at work.

*Try to find a job that you can dress in comfy clothing that totally reflects your sense of personal style :D

*Have longer conversations about interesting work-related topics with colleagues that you normally don't get to spend a lot of time with. (This really works in establishing good relationships AND in getting stuff easier for some of my clients who can be difficult).

*Walk around a Farmer's Market or produce store and just browse.

*Make a fresh veggie every night with dinner.

*Buy fresh bread a few times a week. Eat it with cheese or dip it in seasoned EVOO for a snack.

*Keep candy on your desk at work.(This is another great way to establish a good rapport with co-workers).

*Try to sit outside and read anything for at least 30 minutes each day.

What are some of the things YOU like to do to feel happy and content?

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