Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Damn it.

So I am having car issues again. Last night, I raced home from work, rushed DS to the pediatrician (he's had a bout of diarrhea lately, poor guy) and made it home just in time to make it to my yoga class (I haven't been since last Thursday).

Anyways, I went to start my car and the lock wouldn't turn. I've had this happen before and just wiggled the wheel/lock no issues. Well, to make a long story short, the whole thing needs to be replaced.

I feel like every month it's something now with this car. I think DH and I will have to officially suck it up and start looking for something new. I sooooooooooo don't want to have to shell out a car payment, but with a small child not to mention the fact that "my car is sick again" is becoming an old excuse at work.......we are going to need one.

I also am feeling spoiled because my inlaws let me borrow their new Lexus today and tommorrow for work. I can't remember the last time I drove something brand new, and definitely not a luxury automobile!

I am debating on just keeping this car, in addition to something new and reliable and using the old one for work. I drive it so much for my fieldwork, and it only costs $30.00 to fill it up each week. I sometimes feel like I make a little money with this car when I turn in my expense report at the end of the month.

If anything, this is going to have to be motivation for DH to quit smoking once and for all. He smokes over a pack a day and cigarettes here in NYS are now over $10.00 a pack. I think we will certainly be able to afford something nicer and more reliable to drive if he gives up smoking.

I am really dreading having to start our search though, and meet with car salesmen. Wish us luck! And while you're at it, if you have any mid-size SUV recommendations, send those my way as well.

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