Sunday, May 30, 2010

Social work question of the week

It's that time already............although I think most of us are fortunate and enjoying a long weekend. I am going to post a question for you based on some "stuff" going on at work right now:

What kind of issues have to be going on at your job to make you start applying elsewhere?

I am happy where I am----trust me. This is just a question I am raising based on some comments voiced by a few of my co-workers.

As for me, I am always looking and I keep a running "file" on my computer noting agencies that look interesting to me because you never know when you may need to apply elsewhere.


  1. Hmm... to answer you question, read my most recent post. :). The fact that three of my coworkers have gotten fired in the last three months has made me realize how fragile my job is. I'm also trying to keep a running tab on other jobs in the region.

    I like your blog, by the way! I'm glad you found me so I can find you.

  2. Hi Laura, I am glad you found me too :D. For me, it's taking longer than anticipated to get a new program off the ground at work. Because of that, I do not have a lot of clients or work to do. My supervisor always says "don't worry about it" but I DO work for a FOR-PROFIT first and foremost where the bottom line is to make $$$$$ so it's always on my mind that they could technically turn around and say peace out at anytime, especially if this new program doesn't start soon...........