Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seeing another side of a client

My supervisor called me this morning to tell me there were auditors visiting our agency today and they wanted to do a home visit with one of my client's. They needed me to be at his home when they made the visit. I ended up sitting and chatting with my client for close to 3 hours about his life growing up and right prior to his brain injury while we waited for the auditors to arrive. We also got to get into much more intimate detail about his life and inner thoughts on a daily basis. It was a very nice visit because I got to see him in a bit of a different light. Usually my monthly visits are much shorter, all business and a lot more formal. They tend to be filled with a list of items that need to be followed up on, or more often than not, complaints about services and discouragement with life in general. This visit was nothing like that though. He was even laughing and making jokes and just being a great deal more personal then he usually is with me. I even got to talk for awhile with his aide which is also a rarity, because she often leaves during our monthly visit to give us privacy. I feel like this really added something to our relationship, and while as a rule I find audits to be quite annoying-----I am glad this happened the way it did today.

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