Saturday, May 8, 2010

So happy it's the weekend!

I ended up going into the office yesterday, when usually I don't work on Fridays. Some of my clients have been off the wall lately, so it was important for me to be there to get some work done.

Even though I do have the "benefit" of being able to work from home some days, as a rule, I always get so much more done in the office.

Today my son and I are going to go out for breakfast somewhere, then we have to go look for Mother's day gifts. I also got a giftcard in the mail from my own mom for Old Navy so I am planning to use that today.

Even though I have a goal of not buying anymore clothes does it count if you get a giftcard?

One of my pugs chewed on one of my black flip flops in the middle of the night last night so I need to get a new pair. They are only $1.99 at Old Navy ;).

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