Friday, April 16, 2010

Thinking the worst but hoping for the best

One of my team members just called me to see if I heard from one of his clients (I used to be this guy's Service Coordinator).

He has been missing for a few days and he's schizophrenic. He actually got his head injury from a "fall" from a building that everyone suspects was a jump when he was running from "the mob" who in his mind was after him.

He also has not been taking his meds.

It's so bad that after doing this kind of work for over ten years now, my mind automatically thinks the worst.

My co-worker did say something interesting to me though----a lot of times "God" (or some special force for those of us who don't believe in God per se) seems to protect many of our clients from themselves, even when WE expect the worst to happen to them.

This just happened with my bipolar lady. She actually is in the hospital right now. Not for psych, but for some medical issues that randomly happened a few days ago. At least I can sleep a little more easily at night now knowing she is going to be there for a couple more days.

I hope my old client shows up and can get things together. I hope for the best for everyone right now who may be a danger to themselves or others.

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