Friday, April 23, 2010

The overflowing dresser & closet project

I started straigtening up one of my dressers this morning. Just folding and going through a couple drawers of clothes made me realize again just how much I have of this stuff. It's beyond ridiculous.

I don't FEEL like I go shopping for clothing items very often. But I must be doing it somehow. I have decided that starting today I am going to take on another challenge which will be to see how long I can go without buying another clothing item. Not only will I be saving more green, I will just BE more green in general, which are really good things on both counts.

I have plenty of underwear, plenty of pajamas, plenty of work-out clothes and dresses galore for if I have a more upscale event to go to. I also have lots of shoes, boots,, it's really very overwhelming. I tend to rotate between a few staple outfits every week, and because I don't really need to dress up for work, I don't have to worry about having a lot of business/corporate items on hand. Most of my wardrobe is also very "basic". The majority of items are not super trendy, most are plain and never go out of style for the most part. Most of my clothing can be mixed and matched and my outfits can be made unique and trendy with many a accessory I already own.

So today is April 23rd.............I am going to just try. No more clothing stores!!!

And now it really is time to tackle those dressers and my large overflowing closet. (I have about 4 HUGE folded piles of clothes on the floor ALONE in there to go through). Wish me luck!!

Maybe I will try to post some before and after pics, as well as some pics of outfits I have created :).

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