Friday, April 9, 2010

Money, money............

I think I did pretty good with my March budgeting challenge, and hope to continue to reduce our spending even more in April. I am trying to stick to buying only what we need food-wise. Things have been tight for us as a family over the past couple of months because my husband is waiting on a bunch of jobs to be completed so he has not had money coming in.

I saw my younger sister last weekend and she gave me a bunch of spring/summer clothing she no longer wants so that should spare me from having to go out and buy more clothes just for the sake of buying new clothes in the upcoming weeks.

I am also thinking of having a yard sale when the weather warms up a little more.

We have so much stuff around our house that we no longer want, need or use so it would be nice to make a little something on it all.

My sister said she'd even come down and help. I may also give her a few things to sell for me through her Ebay store. Her and her boyfriend have started doing this with vintage clothing and actually make some decent extra cash this way.

I have not been able to really give up my morning habit of stopping for breakfast on my way to work, or going to Panera for coffee and a bagel if I have a few hours to kill between clients. I have, for the most part, continued to bring lunch to work though each day.

As I mentioned in the last post, my tire blew out earlier this week, so I had to take out money from savings for that repair, as well as the tow.

We've also had to dip into our savings in March and April for our mortgage since my husband is still waiting to get paid. I know that that money will go right back into savings once he finishes these jobs, but it still makes me nervous to take it out to begin with.

I hate seeing our savings dip down!!!!!

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