Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quiet days

Today has been a quiet day.

Just DS and I, as DH is off at work.

We have no plans at all and I love it. Haven't even left the house yet!

Was considering taking DS out later to walk around a local mall, maybe ride the carousel and get some pizza at a good pizzeria.

He just fell asleep though so I am not sure that's the greatest of ideas anymore.

This past week at work was also pretty quiet.

We have a new case manager who is really sweet. She also has my same first name, and her last name also begins with the same first initial as my last name.

It has certainly made for some confusion and new nicknames (for me).

She is not running away screaming though so I hope she is a keeper.

This upcoming week I plan to lay low at the job, by seeking out some quiet space so I can catch up on (what else) paperwork.

Overall, I am very relaxed and grateful right now. The quiet will do that!

How is your weekend going so far?

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