Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy happy

DH, DS & I went up to my sister's in PA for the holiday yesterday, then onto my parent's across the border in New York State today for brunch, and finally got back to crazy, bustling Long Island a few hours ago.

I really enjoy my little trips to the country, but in the end, I am always happy to be back to my own little house. Especially after dealing with stop and go traffic for 2-3 hours (sometimes more).


How has your weekend been so far?

Did you go away at all?

Partake in any Black Friday shopping either in person or online? (not me, I'm too broke and I have bills to pay LOL).

What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

DH is ready to start our holiday outdoor lights tomorrow; I want to try to get in some yoga, and we're planning to have the IL's over for coffee and cake in the evening.

Sunday (hopefully) more yoga before the start of another crazy week @ work.

I officially took today off from the job so I didn't have to be bothered answering the phone or emails and it felt great!

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  1. These houses are adorable! Thanks for sharing them :-) And no, no partaking in BF Shopping (seriously broke MSW student!)