Monday, November 7, 2011

It hardly ever gets easier

Source: via Social on Pinterest

Source: via Social on Pinterest

Source: via Social on Pinterest

hearing some stories of what people have been through.

and feeling inside what they are still going through.

every once in awhile there's that one person that just takes you by surprise.

and they really affect you.

even though you know you need to let their situation go.

it's been one of those days........

all i could think about was coming home, seeing my son and hugging him tight.

this is the place i always go to when i hear something really sad.

what are some things that you have been told that hit you deeply?

some stories that have made your heart ache?

what helps make it easier?

for me, what makes it better is knowing i am doing my part to allow a person the chance at having something positive occur in their life.

giving them a little bit of hope.

i think that's it.

*goodnight all*

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  1. Wondering what the story is, and thinking of everyone who could use a tight hug right now... Hope is a good thing. You do good things.