Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly recap

So it was a pretty quiet, yet busy past few days for me this week in Socialworkerland.

I have been working on getting some upcoming discharges for nursing home clients moving.

Interviewed with another potential client. I am pretty sure she will be signing up to work with our agency, but wanted to meet with another provider as a courtesy.

I finished several Initial Service Plans which is always a huge big project.

Working with a new broker who has been a huge help in locating housing in an area that is hard to find apartments for my people.

Also been dealing with the usual client crisis moments.

I have started to work with Adult Protective Services (APS) for one case. I requested setting up a joint visit next week with our lady, and the worker asked if we could show up unannounced.

This is something I try to avoid with many of my people if at all possible.

Our client is already pissed off that APS has been called, I want to try to salvage our working relationship as much as possible by giving her the heads up that we are planning to visit.

Next week I have to go down to the lovely local Department of Social Services office to begin the process of applying for a "one-shot-deal" for emergency assistance for one of my clients coming out of the nursing home in a few weeks.

Today is my Friday work from home day, and so far it's been pretty quiet. It's only 9:30 in the morning though. Usually the action occurs later in the day on Fridays!

What have you been up to this week in Socialworkerland?

Anything interesting coming up? (Well, that you are planning for that is LOL ;)


  1. Always something interesting coming - the problem is, I don't know about it yet.. I tend to be doing a lot of proverbial 'fire fighting' at the moment. I have a few placements breaking down in residential and nursing homes though so I suspect that they'll be a few moves..

  2. I can imagine how difficult to must be to have to do something that the client doesn't necessarily want, but has to be done. It's good that you try to make it as easy on them as possible!

    Nothing new going on for me yet. Just my interview on Tuesday. My husband has an interview with Permanency and Protection on Tuesday as well. I hope he gets a job because it would be a significant pay increase!

    Thanks so much for your advice on my blog. I'm trying to get as involved as I can in other areas. I did a fundraiser for NAMI in April, so I'll see about volunteering with them or even do some of my field experience there. I think I have one coming up in the Spring.

  3. If we lived closer, I would be glad to accept your clients in my nursing home :-))

    I hope you had a restful weekend!