Friday, June 24, 2011

Feeling overwhelmed

It's been a rough week.

I am starting to feel extremely overwhelmed in my new role.

We have been getting a ton of new referrals and I don't know where to begin with prioritizing whose plan is most important to write.

I also still carry a small caseload, however, they are some very challenging people, who take up a large chunk of my time.

My bosses got on my nerves yesterday (to put it mildly!) with some last minute expectations they were trying to force me to do. No "would you mind doing this?" No "I know it's after hours and everything", just "You MUST do this. You HAVE to".

No pleases and no thank yous.

I didn't end up doing what they were demanding I do...........they got another person to do it since she was already in the area.

There's still some shady stuff going on related to this case they want to take on too which is not making anyone happy. And I kinda feel like my supervisors are turning a blind eye to it because the case brings in a lot of money.

My co-worker called me late last night to vent about it.

It's been rough all around.

I keep telling myself though to think about the end results: It will eventually benefit the client when services are in place.

It's just dealing with all the crap in between though that is rough.


  1. I'll bet that happens a lot; certain things being ignored because losing or closing a case would cause lost revenue. I hope the new week is easier on you!

  2. A gem that I took from this post besides your committment to doing good work is that people didn't say thank you or please. especially in service industries people can sometimes forget kindess and compassion for the worker AND the client. We are not socialwork robots, but people with feelings that like to be appreciated. Kindness goes a long way. I supervise interns and must keep that in mind and with other people.

    thank you for this.