Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill in the Blanks

1. The last movie I saw was ???????? it really is a shame that I cannot remember. Probably something cheesy on Lifetime. Last theatre movie though was Black Swan.

2. I want to take a long, hot shower right about now.

3. Surprises are not really my thing. I am not a surprises kind of girl. For both personal and work. I think I have issues with wanting to be in control ;). I also HATE being the center of attention so surprise parties really make me uncomfy.

4. The best accessory is A SMILE!!!!! It is SO true that a smile is such a little thing, however, it can really brighten anyone's day.

5. My favorite warm drink is sipping green tea in my backyard in the late afternoon.

6. My favorite cold drink is water with lotsa ice, flavored with either fresh lemon or lime after an intense hot yoga session.

7. Currently loving the fact that it is Friday and payday even though my check is already spent on bills :).

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