Friday, February 18, 2011

My news

is work-related.

I met with my supervisor this week, and he has gotten the approval to move forward and create me a new position.

Basically, I will be in charge of all new intakes to our program. This will allow me to get rid of most of my current caseload, and just focus on writing new plans and bringing new people into the community from nursing homes.

The cool thing about this, is that a lot of my work can be done from pretty much anywhere.

I won't have to trek into the office as much, and although I will have to travel to meet new clients, I won't have to drive around as much every day, which has been a huge bummer with my current position.....especially because I have to use my own personal vehicle for work (yes, we do get reimbursed for mileage, but's wear and tear and I do have a lease).

With new intakes, since a lot of them are out of the area, the agency will pay for me to train, bus or plane it to meet with the clients.

While it will be stress of a different sort (i.e. working hard to do everything I can to bring clients on as quickly as possible, locating housing), I won't have to deal with as much day to day nonsense and stress that comes from working directly with a large caseload of clients who are already in the community.

So I am pretty excited. My boss is in the process of hiring someone to take over my current position, and then my new role will officially start.

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  1. Hey Congrats! New jobs (even if it is an old job refigured) can be exciting fresh starts! I hope it is everything you expect and more. Sounds wonderful!