Saturday, February 19, 2011

Budgeting challenge

I feel like I've been spending way too much money lately and absolutely see the need to cutback A LOT.

My goals are to be able to pay off some debt and primarily, build up our joint savings account again. It's been a rough year business wise for DH so most of our joint savings has all but disappeared.

I expect by challenging myself to not spend money, we will be able to build up some of that savings more quickly.

I think my biggest downfall is just going to the grocery store or Target each weekend primarily out of habit and boredom. It's very hard to leave these places without spending anywhere from $60.00-$100.00, which obviously when doing the math adds up quickly to a large chunk of money.

Most of the time, outside of basic staples (i.e. milk, bread, eggs, fresh fruit and veggies), I already have a packed freezer/pantry/fridge and there's not a whole lot I really need to buy.

So I am going to challenge myself in this area especially---to completely avoid these places and only go if there is something we really and truly need.

I want to have more "dollar free" weekends where I don't spend any money on anything (as noted above shopping for me is something I find I do out of habit and BOREDOM). I want to focus on using the items we already have, waiting until we really are close to running out, and just finding free activities to do at home and in my area. (Can't wait for the warm weather to come again so we can get outside to do things and garden again!).

I also want to consider avoiding my daily coffee stops because that's easily $20.00-$30.00 a week that quickly adds up. This is another area I spend money out of habit. I think it would also be a lot more healthy for my body if I ate breakfast at home each day, or brought my breakfast to work.

Does anyone want to join me in my challenge? It's much easier to stick to a budget if I am writing about it, and have others holding me accountable as well!


  1. This is a goal I'm constantly working to maintain and improve upon. I'm a big fan of Gail Vax Oxlade.

    It sounds like your off to a good start! I find it most helpful to only shop from a list - I apply this not only to grocery shopping, but other stuff too. It helps me to keep focussed on what I need, not what I just think I want.

    Shopping is a necessity, not a hobby!

  2. Thanks for the link. I will check it out! Yes, I am totally a listmaker myself in life too.