Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jury duty

I have to report to jury duty at criminal court this morning. While the whole idea of sitting in on a high profile case (if I were on one) seems interesting and exciting to me, and while I know it's also my duty in life to participate------I would much rather be at work. Especially because it's a freakin' 100 mile round trip there and back.

*Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get out of this.*


  1. My fingers are crossed for ya. I've heard horrendous things about jury duty. But, I've been called despite 10 years as a registered voter in various states. I'm just a wee bit curious about the whole process. :)

  2. I got out of it! Many of us did. The judge asked if anyone has any personal reason why they can't participate for at least 2 weeks to raise their hand.........most of us raised our hand. And we were dismissed!