Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Headed back tonight.......

to yoga that is. I haven't been at the studio in 4 whole days. That seems like a lifetime almost. Saturday and Sunday I was away, Monday I could've gone but was lazy and unmotivated due to a bad day at work (when I could've used my practice the most!) and yesterday I stayed home due to the fear of travelling there and back in an ice storm. But tonight there are no more excuses. I absolutely cannot wait to get back!


  1. HI,

    Noticed on your last post that you are into Yoga. I've dabbled but never gone to an official class. And I am positive that I am not doing some of the moves right. Since it seems like your on the experienced side, do you recommend going to a studio?

    Thanks for the advice!



  2. Hi Amanda. I absolutely recommend going to a studio. Also, keep in mind that in can take years for everyone to learn how to do the postures correctly. You can also have great days and not so great days. That's just more that adds to the wonder and amazement of the practice. I go to a hot yoga studio.