Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stupid knees

So I saw the ortho yesterday.

Update is I sprained my knee.

He also saw some early onset arthritis in the X-Rays so this is my reminder to never grow up ;).

With that said, he did say I can go back to yoga whenever I want....just to listen to my body and take a break if I need it.

My knee is still sore but I will probably head back early next week.  I most likely can't get in this weekend anyway because I have no one to watch my son since DH is away on business, and although he's getting older, I'm still not ready to bring him to the studio even if he's absorbed in the IPad.

I also lost one of my students this week.

I think she will make a great social worker one day, but has some personal stuff she needs to get into check before she can focus totally on grad school.

I know many people just want to get school over with so they can start practicing, but there is a right time for work will always be there.

Kinda just like yoga ;).....

Any fun weekend plans anyone?

I'm planning to just lay low and take it easy.

We had a school breakfast and soccer this am for DS and I have a few errands to run later and a doctor appt again in the am. Other than that, Monday will be here before I know it!

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