Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finished my 3rd

Even though I had no desire to go to class last night, I pushed myself and was glad I did.

There was a ton of noise going on in my head but I got through it.....even think I did excellent in some of the more challenging postures like balancing stick and locust.

In other stuff, I had a GOOD student contact me last night that they think they may be dropping out of field work....and not because they want to either.

In a nutshell it sounds like the full-time schedule is too much, and if they go down to part-time, they have to give up the placement. Boo!  Was trying to help them figure out a way around the politics, like not telling the school, just doing classes, some internship hours when able and making up the rest of them later as if they were coming onto placement as a late student.

We shall see what happens....what a conundrum!

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