Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quick update

Just wanted to jump on real quick since I'm about to head off to my LMSW Boot Camp class, to update that things are significantly better with my student. Our meeting went very well. They have become a great deal more at ease and engaged with the clients. Even one of my difficult peeps took an immediate liking to the student and they spent most of yesterday chatting it up like old friends (for lack of a better term).

I know it's still only the beginning, but I have a lot more hope now that it's going to work out.

Most of the projects I have been giving them are to help open their eyes to how what we do is in fact "social work" and that so much of what we do is NOT 1:1 sit down on my couch psychotherapy-----although the skills we use are very, very close.

Have you run into similar issues with students thinking social work was just "therapy"?

What are some assignments that you've given them to broaden their lines of thinking?

Have you found they learned to love the work?

Happy Saturday all and send me good vibes that this class this morning is interesting and goes by quick!!

P.S. It was suggested in my SIFI class that we keep a journal of sorts outlining our experiences with the student so I thought this would be a great way to share with all of you what it's like. Obviously I am going to have to leave out a lot of details for confidentiality purposes.

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