Monday, October 28, 2013

Asking for a friend...........

Would you take a job your gut is saying will be awful, so you can gain experience and make connections?

I know someone who has NO professional work experience and was finally offered a job. Their job search has been LONG and they have not received any significant interviews/offers until this one.

For them, it's with a very scary population and also the work environment does not seem great from what they described, for a whole variety of reasons (between the way the place looks when you first walk in to very unrealistic program expectations). The agency has also gotten some bad reviews from people who know them who work in our field.

Personally, I can definitely see the pros and cons of doing both, and advised them of such.

I also told them since they have no other offers on the line, they have the leisure to at least try the job out-----they could always quit and NOT list them on their resume if things are really THAT bad.

However, this person is VERY concerned about their physical safety (which may or may not be a real issue) and I advised them to have a meeting with their potential employer first and ask a lot of questions about this subject before accepting (or NOT accepting). The safety reason is probably THE biggest factor in their decision making.

Have you ever been faced with a similar problem? What did you end up doing? What would you advise my friend to do?

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