Thursday, October 17, 2013

Have my test date

Not going to say when, but I just wanted to quickly share that it's official---I signed up yesterday for my LMSW exam.

I got a bit overwhelmed at yoga last night when I was supposed to be keeping my mind open and clear from thoughts, thinking about all the studying time I have ahead of me. And of course it doesn't feel like it will be enough.

I plan to sit down today and write out my schedule for study time (recommended is 100 hours/2 hours daily).

Any other tips? I am primarily sticking to the LMSW Boot camp strategy for studying, but could still use all the support and advice out there from those of you who have been there.



  1. I've taken LOTS of tests, and I will be taking 3 more next month, to get teacher certified in Texas. My advice--study, do the best you can, and let it go. It's so easy to drive yourself crazy with this! There are always re-tests!

  2. Thanks for responding. I am sure once I sit down and start studying again, I will be fine. Hopefully.......

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