Sunday, October 6, 2013

LMSW Bootcamp class was fabulous

I am so happy I went to this class.

I had purchased the book in advance, however, going to the class and actually learning out loud the material that is in the book really put my mind 100% more at ease to sit for the exam.

There were actually several people who flew in from out of state to attend.

The class also teaches the same material that is on the LCSW exam.

If you are a social worker in need of taking your license exam, I cannot recommend this class enough.

Check them out here.

P.S. When I arrived home last night from class, my letter from the state was in the mailbox, approving me to move forward with registering for the exam. Things are getting real around here!!!


  1. Hi, Social Working Mom!

    I like your post! I, too, am soon to take the dreaded test, and I can sum up my experience in one word: stressed! I'm not really a nervous test-taker, but for whatever reason, this is getting to me. I'll check out the site you recommended!

    I actually found your site because I was looking for social work blogs to talk about my social work job career site---any chance you could add my site to your "Site recommendations" on the right? It's

    I've created the site for younger folks and career changers, and I've tried to incorporate everything I learned from the MSW program. If yes, thank you, and if not, no worries!

    Good luck on your test!! Everyone is telling me that the worry is the worst part of it, and I'm inclinded to the believe them!

  2. Absolutely. Just browsed a little bit on your site and it's good stuff.

  3. Hi Social Working Mom! Actually, it looks like having that link to my social worker job site messed up my Google rankings a little bit. Do you think you could remove it from the side? I'm sorry for all the hassle!