Friday, October 12, 2012


Does anyone else work in an environment where there's constant drama?

How do you deal? (Or not LOL).

I have probably ranted about this before, but I work in an office of all women.

They fit every negative stereotype about women imaginable.

I know I really shouldn't take their bullshit personally, but it's hard not to, especially on days when you hear crap like "I am the only person around here working hard and YOU can just LEAVE."

Or when they say "It's nothing personal, really, but I wish you would stop doing your job."

I know it's petty too, but my co-workers also did not acknowledge my birthday at all this past week, but acknowledged someone else, and still had the nerve to hit me up for $$$$$ (I didn't give any).

They were aware of my birthday as well. This really made me start to think, because I've been hit up numerous times to contribute for others.

Seriously? I hate this DRAMA!!!!

I've been going to yoga a lot this week, sitting alone in my office not getting involved and going out on occasion to get away from the nonsense, and it has helped. I also call one of my MALE co-workers to vent and that always helps too LOL.

I'm also happy that I am not the one crying every day. I know it's mean, but I am kind of rolling my eyes to myself when certain people get all worked up, cry and are just going on and on with their bitchiness.

Leaving is not an option right now and complaining to my boss is not going to do anything because he has zero patience already for my female counterparts.

I just feel like I need to get this stuff out............I am sure one day I may go off......


  1. OMG I work with all women as well and there is constant drama. Oh and its petty shit too! One girl isn't talking to me b/c I didn't tell her coworker she was taking her own car to a meeting. Their desks face one another!!!!! (and I have my own job taking care of 29 people. I'm busy!) Another has been pissy all week and yesterday I find out its because she doesn't have a date or a dress to a wedding this weekend. Ugh the drama and its so insignificant!!!

  2. I know. People need to get over themselves. I know in my head with a couple people, it's just misdirected anger at me because of stuff going on internally with their organization, but it's getting to the point where I am ready to tell them they need to chill the fuck out and grow the fuck up. The two worst ones are twice my age. Lastly, I want to say to them if they hate their job so freakin' much, LEAVE already. Do us all a favor!!!