Friday, September 2, 2011

When do you know you've had enough?

I think I am starting to get to that point at work lately.

I have been trying to remain really positive, look at all the pros of my position, as well as remind myself that unlike many other people out there, at least I HAVE a job.

Lately though, all I feel is that I am being taken advantage of, and because of that, just merely walking into the office puts me in a bitter mood.

I know the final straw broke me earlier this week when a new co-worker refused to do something, so my boss told ME to do it.

It's not a little tiny thing's driving over 300 miles round trip because they don't want to.

I'm just super irritated and annoyed and CAN'T get over this.

I know it's not the co-worker's fault because they are standing up for themselves on principle....they felt they were never told traveling would be part of their responsibilities at their interview.

But, as usual, it got spun around into being part of MY job description now.

Anyways, I have been looking at want ads all week and I KNOW at this point I need to suck it up already and take my LMSW exam.

I also am aware that the grass is not always greener elsewhere, but I do know too that there are things that go on, that are just plain wrong that we should NOT have to put up with, regardless if it's a bad economy, we're a social worker, or frankly, because someone else doesn't want to do it.

Fair is fair.

And right now I don't think I am being treated fairly.

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