Friday, September 30, 2011

Surviving in an environment of negative thinking

I was having a long discussion this afternoon with one of my fairly new co-workers.

Both of us came to the conclusion that while yes, our jobs are very stressful and some days impossible, a bigger barrier to our being able to do our jobs to the best of our ability, is just everyday Negative Nellies we come face to face with. Primarily, within our own units.

I am sure MOST agencies probably have them.

And once one or two people fall into the constant thoughts of gloom and doom, this thinking becomes contagious, spreading like wildfire.

I see it in my own office and it's gotten to the point where there is at least someone either venting, cursing, raising their voice and/or crying on a daily basis.

And it becomes extremely difficult to NOT find yourself getting involved.

It's just not healthy.

The first thought is to blame the employer, but I am not 100% convinced all of the blame should lie with them.

I don't know what the solution is however.

For me personally, I will often take advantage of my company's leniency that allows me to work outside of the office if I so desire.

I'll blog, Tweet or interact with other social service professionals who I know are passionate about their work.

I still find myself coming back to this same issue though time and time again.

We recently got approved for a new program at our agency, which will allow new staff to be hired.

I am hoping by having some fresh, new blood come on board, this will help.

I still know that that negative thought pool is there though.

Just even remembering that begins to bring me down.


  1. I totally agree with you. I work in human services and it is so hard to get my staff excited about anything most days. The negative thinkers sometimes spoil the bunch. Such a shame. Oh and when you have time check out my blog. I passed on the versatile blogger award to you

  2. (@anntieup from twitter here) I worked at a small nonprofit agency where this attitude was THE pervasive attitude. Unfortunately I was really young and inexperienced, so I kind of "went with it" even though I liked my job. It definitely had negative consequences for me. Now in my MSW program I see some of my classmates doing the same thing. This time, I'm trying to resist it.