Monday, August 29, 2011

I can really relate

thanks to Hurricane Irene, to the loss of feelings of control many clients face when they are feeling extremely dependent on others.

I understand now the feelings of stress and anxiety that come along with not knowing when something is going to happen for you.

For me, these feelings are based on my not being at my home in almost 4 days, and my not knowing when the major roads that lead me home will re-open.

I have experienced a strong sense of gratefulness that I am in a not much worse-case scenario, such as having a tree fall through my house, or the whole thing completely flooded, yet, I still long to get back to MY life of normalcy in MY own little corner of the world.

Until this happens, I am still going to feel stressed, anxious and upset that I have no control over my situation.

I also am angry over people's comments who didn't take this storm as seriously, or were not affected by it, therefore, don't think it's a "big deal". Sound familiar when it comes to other major issues we are facing in our society today? ;)

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  1. This post really struck me as it was how I experienced the riots in London. My road was burnt and the rioting was happening under my window so what was a diversion for the 'news' became very real and very frightening to me. I found some of the jokes on Twitter to be almost unbearable and it takes a while to get used to the idea of feeling safe in my own house.
    So in a weird way I can completely empathise. I hope you begin to feel that you are getting back to 'normal' soon - even if normal takes you on a different path..