Friday, August 26, 2011

Am I a social work Mean Girl?

I know I have recently spoken about how I work in an environment without a lot of supervision.

I am often seen as the social work "go to girl" for everyone and everything, without officially holding the title of supervisor.

Recently, a new, younger person was hired who does not have a lot of experience.

I have pretty much been "set up" to be the person they go to in lieu of OUR supervisor, when I really do not have the time, nor do I really WANT this responsibility.

Anyways, things came to a head yesterday.

New employee is extremely confused regarding my role, their role and just feels extremely frustrated and unsupported because it seems they want me to be able to sit down with them frequently to show them the ropes and provide them with a lot more training then they feel they had initially received at hiring. (They expressed that they were TOLD that I was there to "help them").

Their voice was raised at me and they did shed some tears.

I am feeling extremely stressed out over this and like I am the "Mean Girl" for not being able to provide what they are looking for and so obviously need. The office air has gotten tense enough to cut through with a knife.

After things came to a head, employee did call to apologize and I said not to worry; I am not taking it personally that THEY'VE been set up this way.

I don't really know what else to do at this point, however.

I did email my boss to request a meeting.

We may be getting another supervisor in the future, but that takes time too.

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