Friday, August 19, 2011

All in a social worker's week

Here are some of the things that I accomplished, both on and off the to-do list this week:

1.) Made it to THREE hot yoga classes.
2.) Met a client's mom finally.
3.) Looked at an apartment for a client (didn't end up working out).
4.) Looked at an apartment for another client (should end up working out).
5.) Followed up on a client hospitalization and discharge.
6.) Wrote THREE revised service plans for clients that are about 20 pages each.
7.) Held a team meeting.
8.) Dealt with 3 serious reportable incidents. (There's something about the #3 this week!)
9.) Coped with a flood and the clean-up in our basement.
10.) Laundry.
11.) Cooked.
12.) Cleaned.
13.) Grocery shopped.
14.) Got back bloodwork results that said nothing so made an appointment to meet with my doctor next week.
15.) Began another Initial Service Plan.
16.) Began coordinating discharge planning for a client coming into the community from a nursing home in a few weeks.
17.) Relaxed in Panera Bread 4 mornings this week :)
18.) Took care of my son and my husband.
19.) Watched a little bit of TV.
20.) Got a little bit of rest.

This weekend I am also going to a BBQ, trying to get at least one yoga class in and I also want to color my hair.


  1. Wow. Wonder woman here. And I know your #6 kicks ass. OR it should, because I've read the service plans for the ladies at my house and they don't look like any thing I intend to write anytime soon. I don't have a leaning toward the administrative side of this field, but I do feel like the people that write those (at least with us) should be given an intensive writing course. Because man, I know they may be hard to write, but some of them just make no sense. :) I know there are always two sides of the coin though.

  2. You are crushing it! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I am particularly proud of your yoga accomplishment as I'm certain that level of self-care brought a certain level of awareness to your professional and personal experiences. I wish you continued persistent perseverance and success in the days and years ahead.

  3. Re: #6--> 20 pages each? I am soooo glad we don't write service plans at our agency (they like to torture us in other ways)

    Busy week, well done!