Friday, March 18, 2011

Positives of the week!!!!

Well, first and foremost, the weather is FINALLY starting to get sunny and nice around here. I sincerely hope this means spring has officially sprung. When it's warm and bright out, I don't mind being out and about in the field visiting my clients.

Some other positivies:

1.) I found a few resources that may be able to help many of my clients financially or with providing of needed items if something arises.

2.) Came across some other promising housing leads.

3.) Was praised for my work by someone in a very high-powered role who does not like many people ;).

4.) Got one of my clients some needed legal assistance pro-bono.

5.) Had another client EXCITEDLY agree to follow through on a suggestion I thought he would most likely turn me down on.

6.) Finally getting over my cold/stomach thingie.

7.) Made it to hot yoga twice this week. (Not as much as I would've liked but I was still feeling ick on Monday + Tuesday).

8.) DH is finally starting to make $$$$$ again.

9.) DS vocabulary has blown up even more this week, and so has his height!

10.) Again, made it to Friday! Corned beef and cabbage dinner tonight too, yay!

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