Friday, March 11, 2011

Positives in Socialworkerland this week :)

1.) Got a client to agree to recommendations of the team so he can remain in the community.

2.) FINALLY got a client who has been running around wild for the past 6 months, admitted to inpatient psych.

3.) A cool, positive new staff member has been added to our team.

4.) Another client does NOT have bed bugs :)

5.) My job is going to get me a Blackberry so I can cancel mine......even if it costs me $200.00 to cancel, it's still gonna save me over $100.00 a month.

6.) Our office that is 5 minutes from my house (and in a much nicer location.....think outdoor lunches and walks on a lake) has been approved to provide the service I do at I can work from there soon.......

7.) It's FRIDAY again...........which means I'm working from home ;).

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