Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello my friends

It seems that everyone is chiming in about 2017 so I figured I might as well too.

I have been sick since Christmas Eve which started out with a fever and has turned into this endless cough, no energy and no voice thing.

I have moments where I start to feel better then I mostly feel blah again.

I should probably go back to the doctor, but when I was there on Christmas Day they said it just needs to run its course. 

I've been sticking to my yoga goals for the most part.  I've made it to the studio a few times over the holidays, even on sick days. Probably not the greatest idea however.

I also have fortunately gotten back to a home practice.

I am doing the 31 day Yoga Challenge #YogaRevolution with Yoga with Adriene.

I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking to get back on your mat, with a FREE practice that is super easy to follow and to modify.

I completed Day 3 yesterday.

She also has wonderful videos other than the challenge.

I recently completed her 7 minute yoga (because even 7 minutes is still yoga!) as well as Yoga for a Rainy Day when I was struggling with sick and didn't want to leave my house in the awful weather.

Other than my yoga, not much else seems to change. 

Work is still work.

My interns are all coming back from break today.  This is a good and not so good thing lol.

I am counting down to my two wonderful trips I have planned this year.

Anyways, this is my quick little check in. I now need to hop in the shower and begin my day.

Best wishes for a great 2017, less sickness, less stress and lots more yoga!!

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