Monday, January 30, 2017

Not again....

I was really sick for probably a good 3 weeks right around holiday time.

Saturday I started feeling achy again and now I have a stuffy nose and feel a sore throat coming on.

I hope it's just a little cold and passes quickly.

In other more positive news: I'm about to enter DAY 30 of #yogarevolution by Yoga with Adriene.

I highly recommend her videos if you are looking to develop a daily home practice especially.

Most are very easy, can be modified and the best is they are short--usually 30 minutes or less.

Over the past month I've noticed they even help me in my studio classes.

Yesterday one of my studiomates told me I look fantastic too...I don't think I look any different but hey, I will take the compliment!

Well another Monday is upon us so I need to get my social work hat on and face the week ahead.

Have a great week everyone.

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