Monday, November 3, 2014

Since I'm keeping track of my yoga...

just wanted to say it was an all-around yoga weekend and I'm very proud of myself. I made it to the studio on both Saturday AND Sunday.

Saturday was a rough class.....I think I had lots of stress that came out but that's the good thing about this yoga.

Yesterday was a better class and I was super happy with myself for not sitting out at all during standing series. I was so glad I went because I came thisclose to talking myself out of know...there's always tomorrow and all that ;).

Floor, there's still a couple poses that hurt my knee so I had to take it easy with them....

So glad to have been back though.  I'm keeping focused on meeting my 3 class a week challenge right now and if I can get two classes in on the weekend, I just have one to "drag" myself to during the week.

Happy Monday all. Hope your work week goes easy on you and you get some yoga (or other exercise) in.

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