Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well I have begun my new job.

I have only attended 2 days of orientation, but so far, I am feeling pretty confident that I made the right decision by leaving my previous agency.

Everyone I have met who is employed by the new company seems very passionate not only about their duties, but overall, our employer. I keep saying over and over that it's so refreshing to see people who are just so plain nice, who also portray a second nature confidence about what they do and who they work for. I need to pinch myself, because I feel like I'm in that episode of Roseanne where David gets the job as Hans the Hare. (Note: one of the speakers even said it is not unusual for family and friends to start to think that we are being brainwashed because the environment is so much about creating positivity).

The past two days have been based heavily on establishing and maintaining a healthy job environment, working together, not throwing anyone under the bus and especially going above and beyond just basic tasks of our job description. There was a lot of talk too of employees who get the most recognition for this kind of thing, and they are often not who you would expect (think janitors, parking attendants and food delivery peeps). There are also a ton of incentives (financial and otherwise for just being nice and overall "hospitable").

While a lot of it can be just a good front right now, overall, I really do like what I see and feel it's believable, just by the vibe I got today walking around the main hospital campus when I wasn't in training mode. People I passed in the hallway and outside smiled and said hello. (Gasp! This rarely happens anywhere as a New Yorker). Several times employees stopped me to ask if I needed assistance. The man in the elevator had a conversation about the weather and what my plans were for this weekend. Fellow employees eagerly struck up conversation about who I was and what I would be doing.

And I totally get now, 100%, what has been missing in my previous work environment.

Tomorrow is my first full day on site where I will be working so I cannot wait to report back!


  1. This is awesome! So happy for you. :) Good luck on your first day of work. :)

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