Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On to Tuesday......

So I made it through my crazy Monday yesterday.

Spent the majority of the day going over with various family members and professionals on why it's not a wise idea to move a person who ambulates in a wheelchair into a non-wheelchair accessible apartment (that canNOT be accomodated for their needs even if we tried).

After awhile I just had to laugh about all of this...........otherwise I would just make myself crazy with stress.

I know the conversation is not over yet either. It will pick up again today, for sure.

But throughout all these situations, laughter is what gets me through. I am sure I come off as nuts and annoying sometimes (and "that" co-worker many of you have heard me rant about has been sure to tell me when I laugh she doesn't think it's a laughing matter), but it does absolutely 110% take the edge off. And laughter makes me realize that it's not worth it to get all stressed, crazed and yell, cry, or whatever other negative response I could use instead.

How do you react when the going gets tough at work with your clients?

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