Friday, February 17, 2012

As I suspected

the drama from work last week has pretty much blown over.

Now everyone is annoyed with a new co-worker that has been hired about a month or two ago.

Basically what is happening, is new person is completely over-qualified for the position they have been hired for and are trying to get out of doing their work by focusing all of their efforts on creating a NEW role that doesn't involve the "down and dirty" of their position's daily responsibilities.....

In the meantime they are really pissing off a lot of people, especially those in their same role who know exactly what is going on. This person also can be completely condescending to other staff and acts like they are the supervisor.

Yesterday was the icing on the cake because this worker got the boss to pass off some of their duties to someone else, and everyone's aware of it.

While I am glad I am not the object of hate this week, it made me realize it is always going to be someone at work!

And therefore I am super thankful another weekend is upon us.

So how was your week out there in Socialworkland? What are some of the issues going on at your office?

Besides the above, on a bigger level we've been talking about the changes in NYS Medicaid and how this will affect case management overall..........many of us may not even have a job in the next year or two which makes me very sad and anxious :(

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