Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been a very long week and I don't know about anybody else around here, but this social worker is BEYOND happy that the weekend is upon her.

Some of the things that happened for me this week:

Business trip with my 2 male bosses. Always awkward and uncomfortable.....

Began the journey to look at nursery schools for my son. Competition is very fierce out there, even at the age of 3. The process has to be started in January however to guarantee a spot for September.

Dealt with some more personal/family drama. And it's not over yet ;).

Finally, I can't provide a lot of details in case it winds up in the media, however, one of my most favorite clients ever found out this week that they WILL be going to jail. Yours truly got to go to break the news to them. I think everyone in the room was crying :(.

So yeah, it has been a VERY rough week around here.

What about you? How are things going out there in Socialworkland?

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