Monday, January 2, 2012

Day off

I have today off from work since New Year's fell on Sunday.

I have nothing big planned, which is totally fine by me.

Need to take DS to the pediatrician. He has a cold and a "smell" coming from his nose.

Then I have to fold and put away a fairly large pile of laundry that is quickly multiplying in my basement.

Later I hope to get back to the mat for my first Bikram class of 2012. I haven't been in probably about a week now and need to get back into the yoga groove.

Do you have off today? What are your plans, if any? How was your New Year's weekend? Anything big coming up this week at work?

I am looking forward to heading back tomorrow. I have a couple of intakes planned in the AM then writing, writing and more writing of client plans as usual :)

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